K. L. Moran

“When the pen touches the paper, I’m free”

K.L. Moran was born as Kitti Molnar in Budapest, Hungary. Kitti grew up in a loving family where she and her brother were encouraged to study hard. Her godmother introduced her the so called “spotted” books, which were youth novels set in contemporary Hungarian society. Despite all the reading she was doing, Kitti missed something.

After reading the first novel of J. K. Rowling’s famous series about young wizards, Kitti’s imagination in the world of fantasy was unleased.

Kitti wrote her first “book” in a composition notebook when she was 12. Her initial enthusiasm for writing nestled in a drawer for about 10 years along with this notebook as other endeavors like judo college and travel played a more important role in Kitti’s life.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in tourism and a master’s degree in marketing. While in graduate school she began working for travel agencies. Thanks to her job, she could travel to thirteen countries within the span of five years.

Kitti was 25 when her appetite for writing reemerged during a D&D game. The backstory for a character inspired Kitti to write a 10-page novel. Having read her story, her then-boyfriend and her friends encouraged her not to waste her talent. Thus, Kitty wrote a short story which was published in a women’s magazine. This early success made her write another short story which made it to a select edition of short stories titled Ezerszin.

This kicked-off Kitti’s real writing career.

In the same year, Kitti enrolled in a writing course for beginners, which was followed by the intermediate level course next year. In the meanwhile, Kitti kept writing and she sought opportunities to get her stories published. Her stories were published in several platforms, she won an award, and one of her stories was displayed in the National Library of Hungary.

It took her several years to write the Last Firemage. Even though, easy, every-day life stories were pouring out from her, writing fantasy was closer to her heart.

After a clumsy start and a rough period of time, the story eventually turned into a book.

Besides authoring books, Kitti Molnar is employed by one her best friend’s company and she also works as a copywriter.