The Last Firemage

The adventure has just begun...

The Heritage of the Sorceress

Welcome the world of the last fire mage!

Fire vanished from the world. The Red Fire of wars flamed out in the Hundred Lunar Years’ War and blacksmiths’ Blue Fire was put out. Dwarfs extract Heat and Fire Stone from the belly of mountains. As alchemists’ and healers’ Green Fire cooled down, there are only three tiny flames guarded in the walls of the Magical High University. Priests have already forgotten the ancient song that blow up the Black Fire of Death. People have no other choice but to get buried in the ground, which is getting harder due to erosion. The name, White Fire has long been forgotten. The Magical Assembly and the emperors ruled that bearing of fire was dangerous, therefore Fire Mages were killed and their training was halted at the Magical High University. There was peace for 300 Lunar Years, but the burnt soil might have moved once again.

A young girl named Lyra is on one of the highways of the Raldean Empire. She still remembers how her home was attacked and destroyed by an unstoppable force, the Red Fire. She is the only one who survived the mayhem, only to find herself in the middle of an even more dangerous fight. The last two Fire Mages and the Magical High University are also interested in Lyra’s heritage.

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