The Last Firemage

The adventure has just begun...

The Heritage of the Sorceress

Welcome the world of the last firemage!

Fire has disappeared from the world. The last Red Fire of wars has gone out in the Hundred Lunar Years’ War, the Blue Fires of the forges have been extinguished, the dwarves now extract the heat and light stones from the belly of the mountains. The Green Fire of alchemists and physicians has gone cold, now only three tiny flames are kept within the walls of the Magical High University. The priests sealed away and then forgot the ancient song that ignites the Black Fire of Death. People are forced to bury the dead in the earth, which grows increasingly heavier with the passing. The name of the White Fire has long been forgotten. The Magic Assembly and the rulers deemed the possession of fire dangerous, so the Fire Mages were killed and their teachings were stopped by the Magical High University. Apparently, there has been peace for 300 lunar years. But the Scorched Earth seems to have moved again…

A young girl, Lyra, finds herself on a road of the Raldean Empire. She still remembers how her home was attacked and destroyed by an unstoppable power, the Red Fire. She alone escapes the madness, only to find herself in the middle of an even more dangerous fight. The last two Fire Mages and the Magical High University have their eyes on Lyra’s legacy…

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